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Website Features

Fully Automated Store

Orders and Payments are all automated and confirmed Via Email Notification

Brand Reinforcement

With a Fully Customizable website, reinforce your brand, your colors and your logo

High ROI

Your Potential for sales triples when using a professional online platform to sell your products from.


We are web designers based here in Amanzimtoti.

Frank and Mike – Digital Marketing

In light of the possible Corona Virus Threat people now more so than ever before will choose ordering online over going to a physical store.

So we have developed a simple but effective online store and would like to offer you the chance to put your business on the map and effectively double and even triple your current sales.

The following link is a base design, where we have loaded generic product selections for potential buyers such as yourself to get a look and feel of the website and its features.

View Temp Site Here

Base Demo Site

Website Features

Our online store design has been fully optimized for Mobile and Tablet and optimally Desktop.

A few key features that will interest you.

  • A Fully functional order and checkout system
  • An automated online payment system
  • An Automated Invoice and Product purchase Email Notification
  • Highly effective Contact Section
  • Automated Email Address collection with instant Welcome Email.
  • Colour & Header Image Customization
  • Easy to edit Product Image & information section

If you feel the layout and features not suitable for your requirements.

We also offer complete customized websites to spec.

Please see more info on pricing – Pricing

Payment Structures

  • Website R’999        once-off


  • Domain R’140        per Year
  • Hosting R’  75         per Month
  • SEO        R’4999   once-off   more info

Design Process

We initiate the design process with 5 phases where we will work closely with the client to setup and enforce a strong brand awareness

  • Phase 1 (Client Info Collection)
  • Phase 2 (Design Setup)
  • Phase 3 (72 Hour Client Review)
  • Phase 4 (Client Change Request Implementation)
  • Phase 5 (Site Delivery)

 Phase 1

At this stage we will gather as much relevant information as possible and implement it. You will be required to fill in a document that we will use to complete the site.

Phase 2

At This Stage we will start implementing the design of your brand and product information.We do this over a 24 Hour Period

Phase 3

At this stage we deliver a semi complete overall site to the client at this point the client can review and request certain changes to be made over a 72 hour period.

Phase 4

At This stage we will make the relevant changes and be making the final changes to the site.

Phase 5

At this Stage we will deliver the finished product and officially launch your new online store.

We will be constantly updating our code cleaning it up and making it more effective. We will be adding new features and will also take client featured requests.

all you should now

Frequently asked questions

Maybe We can answer simple questions below

Hosting related questions

To get an email account we need to buy a domain, you purchase a license for 1 year at your extension cost between R100 – R150 (R60 Monthly), Then we can set unlimited email accounts up for you.

You Can purchase domains only through us as well. Prices Vary From R100 – R700

You can pay yearly once off fees, Although we do offer free hosting when you purchase a website through us.

Website related questions

Once the planning process is complete, and depending on the complexity of the design you can expect a completed and full operating website within 1 month.

In South Africa Sites are generally cheap, and they reflect the cheapness. Sites Range From R500 – R100 000 depending on how effective and complex the site is.

All our site are built mobile Friendly.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee If, for any reason, you don't like our Product, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a refund.

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